Acquisition Support Services

Our acquisition support services focus on corporate and/or agency level requirements. These requirements ensure that your organization has mechanisms in place that allow it to perform activities in an efficient manner and in accordance with contracting needs.

Acquisition Support Services Include:

Cost and Estimating
Developing solicitation models, methods and strategies for programs or project requirements
Corporate Procurement and Contracting policies
Proposal Development
Development of internal controls, alignment with organization goals and business objectives
State MWBE/SDVOB and DBE Certification Services (NY, PA, MD, NJ, VA, DC)
Federal Certification Support Services
Pricing Support
Proposal Development and support
Job Ordering Contract (JOC) Services
Teaming, Mentor Protégé and Joint Venture Support Services
System/IT Support
Business Development Services

Contract Management Services

Contract management has become a crucial part of an organization’s strategic plans. The ability to negotiate sound contracts, manage your supply chain, and organize your activities will result in savings and benefits to your entire organization. Contract Management combines all elements of the contract

Contract Lifecycle:

Pre Proposal or Solicitation Planning
Proposal or Solicitation Development
Proposal Submission or Receipt
Contract Award
Contract Administration
Contract Closeout


Effective contract management can reduce cost and improve efficiency within your entire organization. Contract management can be used for metrics, reporting, strategic sourcing and ensuring your organization can fully leverage its buying power.

OMNI can help your organization create a formal contract management function. Organizations with established and effective contract management are able to generate millions of dollars in additional savings and develop a distinct competitive advantage over their competitors.

Contract Management Services Include:

Contract Administration and Management
Measuring Contract Management Performance
Aligning Procurement & Contracts Objectives
Enhanced Contract Administration
Pre Solicitation Planning
The Contract Life Cycle

Compliance Monitoring Services

Compliance monitoring services require monitoring activities for compliance with applicable contract terms, project specific regulations or corporate policies. These services may be performed off-set or on-site.

Compliance Monitoring Services Include:

Contract Compliance Monitoring
MWBE/SDVBE Compliance Monitoring
Independent Compliance Office (ICO) Services
Corporate Compliance Monitoring for Federal Contracts

Project Management Office (PMO) Support Services

PMO Support includes those services required in support of the Project. These functions ensure that the project are on budget, scheduled deliverables are prepared and project reporting is done timely.

PMO Support Services Include:

Project Controls
Budget Management
Scheduling and Access
Project Reporting (533, eSRS, property, etc.)

Strategic Sourcing Services

What is Strategic Sourcing?
Strategic Sourcing is a cross-functional, collaborative, proactive approach to procuring goods and services. Departments work together to lower costs, improve quality, improve services, foster innovation and develop category specific strategies that meet the needs of multiple business units.

OMNI Strategy:

Repeatable Processes
Utilize Market Intelligence
Commodity Based Strategies
Enterprise Based Strategies
Long-term planning
Process Improvement

Organizations have showed cost savings from tens of millions to over a billion dollars, supplier reduction by over fifty-percent, and increased service to their customers as suppliers are easier to manage and bring additional innovative ideas to develop business solutions.

Strategic Sourcing is a best practice in procurement, regardless of the industry. Best practice comes from the results small, medium and large organizations have shown from a cross-functional, enterprise level approach to sourcing their goods and services.

Strategic Sourcing Toolbox Include:

Supplier Segmentation
Spend Analysis
Preferred Supplier Agreements
Reverse Auctions Services
Use of Contract Management Maturity Model
Lean Six Sigma Processes
Vendor/Supplier Management Services

Acquisition and Procurement Subject Matter Experts (SME) Services

OMNI provides SME services in all acquisition and procurement sectors. These services include consulting at the operations or executive levels. Our staff brings a tremendous amount of experience, diverse backgrounds and pragmatic understanding to the field of Acquisition and Procurement.

Acquisition and Procurement Project Management (PM) Services

OMNI provides PM services for all acquisition and procurement based projects as well as projects in support of an organization contracts department.

Acquisition and Procurement Training Services

OMNI provides training solutions both on-site and off-site. Our services include certification programs as well as customized training solutions.

GSA Schedule Development and Management Services

The Federal GSA Schedule provides pre-negotiated pricing on various goods and services for use by multiple federal agencies. OMNI will help your organization develop and submit your GSA Schedule Proposal. Upon award, OMNI will help manage your GSA schedule in order to avoid violation of the contract terms in addition to regulations around Small Business Subcontracting, planning and reporting.