OMNI Procurement Solutions LLC is a certified veteran/minority- owned small business that provides public and private Business Management and Advisory Services. OMNI was established in 2008 to provide Professional Support Services for organizations that require in depth, industry based support.

We provide services on behalf of Government Agencies as well as Corporate entities by focusing our objectives on:

– Strategy
– Impact
– Innovation
– Talent
– Developing results based solutions





We provide services on behalf of Government Agencies as well as Corporate entities regulated by:

– Federal (CFAR/FAR and Supplemental based contracting)
– State (City, County and Municipal regulated contracting)
– State (State regulated contracting)
– Corporate (Large, Small and Small Diverse Business (SDB) support)


Our ability to reduce cost while providing high quality, knowledgeable and experienced support represent our greatest asset. In addition, our ability to focus on client specific needs make OMNI an important asset to your organization.

OMNI’s focus is:

High Expectations
Building Relationships
Developing Solutions


OMNI develops strategies and customized solutions based on organizational objectives, by utilizing performance-based goals, market intelligence, and industry best practices to achieve savings and improve how goods and services are bought, sold and managed.

At OMNI, our Quality, Knowledge, and Experience set us apart.


More than ever, organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs, identify savings, and still be competitive in the markets in which they operate, OMNI provides that resume.

Our associates bring experience, industry knowledge and professional expertise specifically purposed for the acquisition and procurement industry.


For Agencies, today’s contracts are more complex, interdependent and difficult to manage. Additionally, technology has driven the need for organizations to utilize more advance tools, strategies and methods for the overall success and growth benefits to an organization. For Industry, they must prepare for opportunities vice just responding to them and have a comprehensive strategy in place to support those efforts.

OMNI can help your organization transform these functions from a tactical operation into a strategic strength. These strengths allow you to identify opportunities for savings, improve corporate efficiencies and increase your organizations’ overall return on investment.

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